Cornea and Anterior Segment

Cornea Anterior Segment

Services Rendered

Running of General Ophthalmology Clinic

Cornea specialty clinic

Management of Ophthalmic emergencies presenting on calls

Training of Resident Doctors on rotational postings

Training of Basic and Post Basic Ophthalmic Nurses during Postings

Diagnostic Procedures include:

  • Corneal Topography
  • Biometry: A Scan and Keratometry
  • Ultrasound biometroscopy
  • B Scan

General Ophthalmological surgeries include:

  • Minor lid surgeries (lid repairs, growth excisions, l &C, etc)
  • Cataract surgeries (ICCE, ECCE, SICS & PHACO)
  • Glaucoma surgeries (Trabeculectomys, combined procedures, etc)
  • Conjuctival Cornea repairs/Anterior Segment FB removals etc,

Cornea Specialist surgeries include:

  • Conjuctivectomy and keratectomy
  • Ammonic membrame graft
  • Conjuctival graft for pterygium
  • Chalazions
  • Keratoplasty/Tatooing
  • Scleral graft for dermoid cyst
  • Cornea transplant

Profile of the Consultant Specialists

Dr.  Ihenacho  U.U. FWACS, FICS,FAEH (Cornea)

Dr. Jiya P.Y. FMCOph.

Dr. Galadima Chris FWACS

Dr. Raji Lukman Abdullateef MBBS, FMCOph



Monday          Research, special investigations & clinical meetings

Tuesday          Pre- and post- operative clinic on appointment

Wednesday    Theatre day (elective surgeries)

Thursday        Booked new cases and general follow – up

Friday              Ground ward rounds


Emergencies are attended to everyday as they arise.

Clinic Contacts: 

Dr. U.U Iheanacho

FWACS, FAH, FICS Consultant

Dr Peter Yisa Jiya

MBBS FMCOph Consultant

1. Ayanniyi AA, Monsudi KF, Danfulani M, Jiya PY, Balarabe HA. Uniocular blindness in a six-year-old boy following penetrating eye injury from a domestic hen peck.. JRSM Short Rep. 2013 Feb; 4(2):9.

Dr Raji Lukman Abdullateef

MBBS FMCOph Consultant


1) Long term Intraocular Pressure Control in Trabeculectomy alone versus Combined Trabeculectomy and Cataract Surgery.
Presented at Ophthalmological Society of Nigeria Conference, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. August 2016