The  department runs the following activities:

  • Running of Clinical Seasons
  • Dilated Fundus Examination (Detailed).
  • Direct/Indirect Opthalmoscopy.
  • Routine BMI, VA, IOP, B/P and Gonioscopy assessment for all patients. Also health talk are given on rountine basis.
  • Laser Photocoagulation and Cyclodiode Lasers.
  • Advanced investigations including: OCT, Biometry (with IOL Master 500), Fundus Photography, Ocular B-Scan and Retinoscopy.
  • Surgeries including: Victrectomy, Phacoemulsification. SICS/ECCE, Glaucoma, etc.
  • Retinal Detachment Surgeries.


  1. M.B Alhassan, M.B.B.S, MSc., F.W.A.C.S,
  2. H.O. Salau, M.B.B.S F.W.A.C.S, FM COph.
  3. U M Muhammad, M.B.B.S, FMCPOph, D.O WACS.

Dr. Mahmoud Alhassan

M.B.B.S, MSc., F.W.A.C.S

Dr. Murtala Muhammad

MBBS FMCP Oph D O WACS Consultant